“Roses that have worked for me for at least the last 10 years”


from Larry Meyer


Moonstone, HT, white, slightly fragrant, grows well, seems to tolerate our winters with protection, no blackspot when sprayed.


Dolly Parton, HT, orange red, very fragrant, grows well after established, some mildew no blackspot if sprayed.


Louise Estes, HT, pink blend, medium fragrance, grows well, doesn’t seem to have disease problems.


Double Delight, HT, red blend, very fragrant, grows well after established some mildew


Touch of Class, HT, orange pink, slight fragrance, grows well and is fairly winter hardy


Gold Medal, GR, med yellow, very fragrant, grows well tolerates winter, grows tall


Gemini, HT, pink blend, some fragrance, grows well and tolerates winter


First Prize, HT, pink blend


Little Darling, F, yellow blend, fragrant


Golden Holstein, F, deep yellow, some fragrance, grows like a horse


Lady of the Dawn, F, light pink, med fragrance, grows like a shrub



The following are all good climbers:


America, LCL, orange pink


Pearly Gates, LCL, med pink


Fourth of July, LCL red blend


Sally Holmes, S, white, (S but can be grown as a climber) tolerates shade well


Dortmund, HKor, med red


Pink Perpétué, LCL, med pink


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