Monthly tips for St Louis Rosarians


Peruse Rose catalogs and put in your order for new or replacement plants.

Renew membership to local society/ARS.


Make plans for the care of your garden during the growing season.

Check gardening tools. Clean, sharpen them and get them ready for spring.

March is a good time to dig up and move roses planted in the wrong location.

Dig up plants to be replaced. Save unwanted plants for the Society auction/raffle or give them to a friend.


Uncover plants (remove mulch) around the 15th (typical last frost date here).

Prune plants cut back canes to good wood.

Dormant spray roses after pruning, if growth has not yet appeared; otherwise spray with your regular spray material that is used throughout the growing season.

Feed plants with organic or inorganic fertilizer.

This is a good time to plant your new plants.

Water as needed.


Control Aphids by spraying with water or insecticide.

Add mulch to flower beds as needed (beds should have 2 to 3 inches of mulch). 

Finger prune by removing unwanted new growth.

Disbud and get ready for our annual rose show.

Continue with your regular watering and spraying program.


Japanese beetle time. Spray with insecticide or use soapy water to eradicate them.

Check for basal canes and pinch them back when they are about 12 to 16 inches in growth.

Remove suckers any growth below the bud union is part of the root stock and must be removed.

Continue with your watering and spraying.


Second flush of bloom.

Continue with spraying program.

Water as needed.

Remove spent blooms.


Water as needed.

Spray for spider mites, using water or miticide.

Continue with spraying program.


Reduce fertilizer application. Do not apply heavy Nitrogen content.

Continue with your watering and spraying (if done) schedule.

This is a good time to evaluate your garden on how your roses have performed. Have the soil tested so that the PH can be adjusted and the soil amended for the following growing season if necessary


Enjoy the vibrant color of the fall blooms.

Maintain your watering schedule.

Help roses harden off by not cutting off spent blooms - let them form hips (depending on cultivar they may not) to end the season. Their work is done.

Do not encourage new growth by fertilizing this time of year - winter will easily kill the tender growth off in St. Louis wasting valuable energy


Keep garden clean of spent bloom petals and leaves.

Water as needed.

Winterize your Hybrid teas and other tender roses by covering your plants with 6-8 inches of mulch. Generally the plant stems will die back to an inch or two below the mounded mulch

Remove any diseased leaves or branches to help prevent carryover to the next growing season.


Enjoy winter and get some rest from your hard work during November.   

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